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What can I gain from counselling?

There is so much to gain from counselling!

The above image is by no means a complete list, your experience is unique, your story belongs to you and the reasons you come to counselling and what you might gain from it are likely to be personal to you. That being said, there are still many possible gains that can be discussed

  • It might be that you have a specific goal: process trauma, have help with a loss, improve your communication in your relationships, counselling can help with that!

  • Counselling can help you find solutions to problems

  • Develop new skills and ways of coping with life

  • Establish balance

  • Reduce overthinking

  • Increased self awareness

  • Learn strategies

  • Better recognition of your emotions

  • Awareness of your patterns

  • Clarity

  • A new perspective

Whatever it is you're wanting to gain you can discuss this with your counsellor, if you don't know, that's okay too!


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