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Pain management 

This section comes with a disclaimer: hypnotherapy for pain management does not suggest that ‘pain is all in your head’ and I will never try to convince you that you do not feel pain, I know that you do feel pain and that’s why you’re looking for relief. Hypnotherapy is about helping you to improve your well-being, to learn techniques which can reduce pain, to help you feel more relaxed, to sleep better, to reduce the stress you feel around being in pain. Studies have found that hypnosis can reduce pain levels, some studies finding it to be more effective that non hypnotic methods (Elkins, Jensen and Patterson, 2009)


Living with chronic pain can be hard work, it can be draining, anxiety inducing, frustrating and made worse if the people around you do not understand. Whether its from Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, M.E, CRPS, MS, Sciatica or another painful condition, hypnotherapy could help you. It is particularly beneficial for reducing stress and worries around being in pain.


It is important to take a holistic approach to pain, there might be helpful medications, or other beneficial therapies and it may be useful for us to connect with your GP or others involved in your medical care to ensure you’re getting he help you need. You do not have to agree to this but it can be helpful!


Hypnotherapy can help with chronic pain in many ways. Smith (2007) found that cancer patients in their study found relief for pain, nausea and fatigue through hypnotherapy.


In hypnosis you can learn to let go of your thoughts and stresses, we can agree on suggestions to make in hypnosis to support pain relief in the session and beyond. We will explore self hypnosis techniques as well as other therapeutic interventions which may be beneficial to aid in soothing the nervous system. When in pain bodies typically tense up but this can make pain worse, hypnosis can help to reduce this.


The amount of sessions you need will depend on your pain and goals. Typically change from hypnotherapy takes 3-5 sessions but given the complex nature of pain it may take longer, hypnosis for pain may take up to 10 sessions, this is not a guarantee, it may be more or it may be less. we will work together to help you feel better and check in regularly to ensure you get the benefits or hypnosis.

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