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I am trained to use a variety of creative techniques in therapy including art techniques such as  painting, drawing, clay, pastels, charcoals and collage, as well as music, storytelling, songwriting, puppetry and poetry. 

Creative therapy might be for you if you find it difficult to put your thoughts and feelings into words, it can help you to express and process how you feel, allowing you to make sense of your experiences and understand yourself on a deeper level.

Art and creativity are powerful tools, especially when used in therapy, a safe and judgement free space for you to express yourself. I know that people can sometimes be put off because of concerns of not being 'good at art' and I would like to reassure you that there are no artistic skills required to be creative! You will not be judged or graded on your artistic ability, it is simply an opportunity for you to explore your emotions in a different way. 

Creative therapy is suitable for a variety of mental health and emotional concerns including but not limited anxiety, depression, trauma, stress and illness. It is suitable for children and adults and can be the main part of your therapy or something brought in on occasion!

Creative Counselling

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