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Creative Coping Skills Group

Creative Coping Skills are fun and educational groups which aim to educate children on why they have feelings, why their feelings are important and how they can cope with them through discussion, art and creative techniques. I can offer two groups, one for children in years 2-4 and a separate group for older children in years 5 and 6. The activities in these groups are tailored to the ages and developmental stages of the children attending.


The group runs for 8 weeks and each session is designed to last 90 minutes. The groups cover a variety of topics including: Fear




Each group session has a flexible schedule of discussion of the topic, creative technique, discussion to end. 

 I have run this group previously in a primary school and have seen fantastic results, receiving positive feedback from students and teachers. The students who attended reported improvements in their knowledge of their emotions and felt confident coping with them. Teachers have given positive feedback in regards to classroom behaviour as well as noticing improved well-being in the students who have attended.

Why choose a group? 

Groups are a cost effective alternative to 1:1 therapy and can reach more children (please get in touch to discuss costs). They help to improve children's mental health and well-being as well promoting positive social interactions. They help children to build their knowledge of their emotions and how to cope with them bringing together science, therapy and creative techniques. Group work can help children to become more confident and assertive, they give an opportunity for children to know that they are not alone which can be extremely powerful 

For more information please email 

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