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What to expect at your first session

It's completely understandable to feel anxious before your first counselling session, whether it's your first time or you're returning after a while! Therapy can feel daunting and mysterious, hopefully this post will make it feel a little less so!

A first session is an opportunity, it's an opportunity for you to get to know your counsellor further and check you want to work with them and for them to get to know you better. A 20 minute consultation is good for starting to get to know each other but the first session expands on this.

There might be some paperwork to go through, usually basic information such as name, address, GP surgery is obtained and counsellors have a contract they work with that you will look over together.

Your first session should be at your pace! If you're not ready to talk about something, that's absolutely fine and feel free to state that! This is your space, you need to feel safe to talk about what you need and want to talk about

Feel free to ask any questions, you might want to ask about training, approaches and their experience of working with your issues. You can also ask about fees, structure, timings and the frequency of your session

It's okay to bring things with you that help you to feel more comfortable, a drink, cushion, a blanket or even a soft toy. It's important you feel safe in the space and with the therapist!

There isn't a specific structure for a first session, as your counsellor I'll hold the space for you and meet you where you are. If you have any questions this post hasn't answered, please do ask!

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