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Smoking Cessation

Do you want to be a non smoker? Hypnotherapy can help


Smoking is one of the leading causes of illness and death worldwide, with nearly 80,000 people dying per year in the UK alone. There are many potential dangers from smoking, such as an increased risk of COPD and lung cancer, Second hand smoke can be a risk to your children, faintly and friends., The cost of smoking increases every year- currently smoking a pack a day adds up to around £3,500 a year!


Hypnotherapy can help you stop smoking. Did you know a smoking cessations can help you stop smoking in just 5 sessions? For some 1 session alone is enough! Through hypnotherapy you can stop, you can be a non smoker, you can see fast and long lasting changes and benefits to your health and well-being. People who stop smoking report having more energy, better breathing, more money, better breath and better looking skin.


Smoking cessations have a quick and significant impact on the body


  • It only takes 20 minutes after your last cigarette for your heart rate and blood pressure to start improving

  • After 12 hours, most people’s carbon monoxide levels return to normal

  • In only 72 hours people report finding it easier to breathe and having more energy.

  • It takes roughly 1 month for skin to improve

  • In 3-9 months your lung function can improve, for some as much to 10%


Hypnotherapy helps to change the thinking patterns and behaviours associate with smoking. Breaking an addiction can be challenging, but hypnotherapy can help you to break it successfully. You will be supported to make the changes and guided through breaking the habit so you are not on your own.


You need to be ready to become a non smoker and it needs to be your decision to stop smoking, if these conditions apply to you then we can work together to help you become a non smoker in a short amount of time.


We will use hypnotherapy to make positive suggestions, challenge the thoughts and change the behaviours that have kept you smoking. You will learn self hypnosis techniques to help you outside of sessions and we will review progress to ensure you’re on track to reaching your goal of being a non smoker.

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